Savyon Ventures was founded by Eran Savir, who has previously successfully managed two different seed-stage VCs and achieved a multiple of 3.5x in 4 years and a 79% IRR. Eran brings years of experience as an investor and operator in AI, digital, and commerce startups, having also founded and exited two companies in the digital and commerce sectors.

As a team, we bring together a dynamic blend of seasoned founder and operator experience, with each member contributing unique perspectives and expertise. Our collaborative approach is driven by a shared passion for guiding entrepreneurs toward success, supported by a wealth of hands-on experience.

Eran Savir

Founder & Managing Partner

Previously managed 2 seed-stage VCs with 5 exits to date. Founded 3 startups with 2 exits.


Erez Didi

Venture Partner

CEO & CFO at a digital transformation VC. Vast experience in finance, tech, AI & commerce.


Uri Lichter

Advisory Committee

CEO at Intango. Investments, operations, tech and finance in digital, marketing and eCommerce.