Investing in seed-stage startups in
AI, digital & commerce

Empowering Visionaries

Entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs

Founded, operated and backed by seasoned founders and operators, we are all about a hands-on approach and a founder-friendly ethos.

Rooted in operator and founder experiences, our team brings deep domain expertise and extensive company-building experience to provide entrepreneurs with hands-on support throughout their journey to build, scale, and grow their companies.

Building Together

Fostering a 'give first' culture, we actively contribute to and nourish the local community, embodying the essence of the Startup Nation at its finest. As we cultivate our portfolio of companies, we also take a leading role in supporting the AI, digital and commerce community.

Through various initiatives, such as founder-centric programs, professional meetups, hosting international delegations and more, we are dedicated to serving diverse aspects of the startup community.

Founders community

We manage an inclusive community open to all founders, with hundreds of members. It serves as a platform encouraging mutual support through introductions, advice, and information sharing.

Professional meetups

We organize the AI, Digital and Commerce Tel Aviv meetup with over 3,000 members. It's a platform for enthusiasts to discuss trends, build relationships, exchange ideas, educate the community and have fun.

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